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Four sisters sharing life, faith, motherhood and our love for whimsical girly jewelry! We love statement jewelry, but also get pretty excited about the classic (with a twist of unique!) pieces that go with every outfit and every phase of a woman’s life. Accessorizing is a quick and personal way to feel put together, and it always fits! ;) We love adding different styles of jewelry to our shop, but as you will notice, our favorites are the worn gold, natural stones, tassels, and leather products.  Wearing jewelry; it is a way of framing the beauty of a uniquely created image.  Our hope is that have fun accessorizing as you find rest in the beauty that is already in you!

~Sarah Schafer lives in Bentonville, AR with her 5 kiddos and husband, Abel.
~Elizabeth Martineau lives in Wichita, KS with her 3 kiddos and husband, Nick.
~Hannah Newman lives in Lebanon, OH with her 4 girls and husband, Mike.
~Rebekah Pillmore lives in Bentonville, AR with her son and husband, Justin.
*** We do have a brother among all the Weber girl estrogen, but frankly, he is just not into jewelry. Except for maybe giving it as a gift to his beautiful wife Julie and amazing daughter, Gabriel!   

Weber Family